Zertifiziert nach Managementsystem DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

2000: Founding of TROVOtech GmbH
2004: First use of high-temperature extrusion process for production of glass foam
2006: TROVO®powder - porous glass foam particles for functional additive applications
2007: TROVO®guard - anorganic silver-based biocide
2009: TROVO®cup - copper-based siccative / biocide
2010: TROVO®powder Sn - anorganic tin catalyst, substitute DBT/TBT (dibutyl tin / tributyl tin)
2011: TROVO®powder B – flame retardant for PA in combination with melamine cyanurate
2013: TROVO®powder B - flame retardant synergist in GF filled PA with DEPAL
2014: TROVO®powder B - substrate and synergist for nitrogen-based flame retardants


DIN EN ISO 9001:2008-certified.
Numerous patents received and patent applications pending.